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Inagural 2024
Camp of Champs
Hall of Fame Class

The Camp of Champs started in the summer of 1983.  Jamie Angeli, then on summer break from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, began running this camp at a select few high school locations in and around his hometown of Iron River, Michigan.

The camp started small with about a couple dozen campers and then grew each year into hundreds of participants until it's eventual retirement (or so we thought) in 2003. Over 20 years later, the camp has returned in 2024 to Norway High School in Norway, Michigan and with it, the creation of the Camp of Champs Hall of Fame.  

This newly created Hall of Fame honors those unique individuals and contributors who have made a big impact on the growth, success, and  legacy of Jamie Angeli's Basketball Camp of Champs.  These individuals will be honored this summer with a special ceremony (date/location to be determined).

2024 Hall of Fame

1) Chris Moore
2) Jeff Moore
3) Jeff Gallino
4) Steve Angeli
5) Riley Angeli

2024 Hall of Fame

1) David Elliott
2) Tony Calo

2024 Hall of Fame

1) Powerbar
2) Gatorade
3) IM Mcdonalds (Jinx Brew)

Your 2024 Camp of Champs CAMPER Inductees

Chris Moore


A 1997 graduate of Kingsford High School (MI), Chris is the owner of the Back in Motion Physical Therapy Clinic in Kingsford.  Chris earned "legendary" Camp of Champs status from coaches at the camp as he was a permanent fixture at just about every camp Jamie Angeli offered through the late 80's and early 90's.  Chris embodied the camp philoshy of work hard, play hard and have fun!  
He is single handidly the main reason for the Camp of Champs resurgence in 2024!

Jeff Moore


Jeff is the CEO of the Institute of Clinical Excellence in Fort Collins, Colorado, specializing in helping rehab professionals achieve clinical excellence through transformational educational experiences.  The younger brother of fellow hall of famer Chris, Jeff was not far behind his brother at every camp of champs offering.  One of the first campers to be interviewed by TV6 Sports out of Marquette, MI about his participationn in the camp, Jeff handled the media spotlight like a pro and is deserving of following his brother into the Camp of Champs Hall of Fame!

Jeff Gallino


Jeff is the current successful head boys basketball coach at Norway High School (MI), the site of the 2024 Camp of Champs.  Legend has it that the popular Chip Skipperbuzy story told at camp is about Jeff, prompting the nickname "Skippy" by Jamie Angeli.  Jeff always "checked his cool jacket at the door" and was a leader in just about every event at camp.  The Camp of Champs is honored to include Coach Gallino in it's inagural 2024 Hall of Fame class!

Steve Angeli


Short Bio Coming

Riley Angeli


Short Bio Coming

Your 2024 Camp of Champs COACH Inductees

Dave Elliott


Jamie Angeli's childhood best friend and camp co-director from the very beginning.  Successful 40-year coach, educator and administrator - most recently retired from Cornell High School in Cornell, WI after 20 years as middle and high school principal.  His quick, comedic wit always kept Angeli loose and laughing throughout the summer and it certainly would not be a Camp of Champs Hall of Fame without Coach Elliott at the very top of the list!

Tony Calo


Often described as the antithesis of Coach Elliott, Tony Calo was an integral part of the Camp of Champ's success. You could always count on Tony to lead the popular, yet nerve-racking "Check Your Cool Jacket at the Door" Dance Exhibition. In this 2024 Camp of Champs reboot, he will once again be called on to keep the camp at a high level of intensity and fun.  When he is not following Angeli around the gym getting on his last nerve, Tony contines to mold young minds as a math teacher  in the Green Bay (WI) school system.  Welcome to the Hall of Fame Tony!

Your 2024 Camp of Champs CONTRIBUTORS Inductees

Jinx Brew


Ms. Brew holds a special place in Jamie Angeli's heart and always will.  Back when the Camp of Champs was starting to gain in popularity, Angeli met with Jinx (the manager of McDonalds in Iron Mountain, MI at the time) to talk about having her popular restaurant as a camp sponsor.  It wasn't long after that, Angeli saw his camp name at the top of the McDonald's marquee while all of the her employees were required to wear his camp t-shirt.  To Angeli, it was a sign that his camp "had arrived" and he would often speak about the pride he felt every time he drove by the McDonalds or had the pleasure to walk into the establishment and to be greated by employees wearing his current summer camp t-shirt!  Thank you Jinx for making our camp feel like "Rock Stars" every summer!  And for that, please take your rightful place in the inagural class of the 2024 Camp of Champs Hall of Fame!



Some loved them, some not so much, but Jamie Angeli appreciated the annual support this great company would give his Camp of Champs.  Every summer, each camper would find at least two or three PowerBars in their camp "goodie" bag.  Regardless of what side of the love/hate relationship with the bar you were on, the Camp of Champs appreciates PowerBar and their outstanding support of the Camp of Champs from the very beginning.  Angeli contacted PowerBar to see if they would consider supporting the camp in his 2024 reboot, but they informed him that the bar is no longer made or sold in the United States!  Regardless, welcome to the hall of fame Powerbar!



Another great supporter of the Camp of Champs every summer.  There were not many camps offering gatorade to their campers throughout the day, but Angeli's camp did!  Just about every coach to come through the camp dreaded the "Gatorade" mixing duty.  Some would later complain that it was a bit "watered down", while others were happy to win several bags of the popular mix at the end of the summer when Angeli had to unload it for fear of having to take it home.  While all of America was trying to "Be Like Mike" in Gatorade's clever marketing campaign at the time, the Camp of Champs was and is honored to call this great company a 2024 Hall of Fame Contributor!


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