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Assembly Line Skillbuilders ($18.95)

NINE of the BEST SKILL - BUILDING DRILLS I Have Ever Used in my 30+ years in the Business!

Princeton Continuity Offense ($19.95)

Princeton backdoor action, spacing and cutting with hard to disrupt continuity that will allow you to take advantage of any type of defense (overplay, sagging or trapping).

FLEXible Dribble Drive Offense ($18.95)

If you're looking for a great continuity offense that combines the aggressive actions of the Dribble Drive but also has great structure like Flex, then this unique offense is for you!

The Fusion Offense ($19.95)

 The 1 - 4 High, The Triangle and the Princeton Offensive System. Quite possibly three of the greatest offenses ever created. All three utilize great spacing, ball and man movement, efficient use of the pass and dribble, screening and floor balance. Both maximize the potential to score inside and out, while capitalizing against overplaying and aggressive defenses.

Attacking Junk Defenses and the
1-3-1 Half Ct. Trap ($19.95)

Here Comes The Junk Defense or 1 - 3 - 1 Half Court Trap! What Are You Gonna Do? Never Fear The Box and One, Triangle and Two or 1 - 3 - 1 Half Court Trap Again!

Stopping the Unstoppable: Junk Defenses That Work ($19.95)

If you are fortunate enough to be blessed with several quick, athletic defenders that can shut down any offensive attack, then this video and ebook is certainly not for you. This product is for the rest of us - the teams that might lack depth, size and the type of athleticism and quickness it takes to match-up with teams that have some outstanding offensive threats.

Jim Saia Offense ($19.95)

The long awaited 1-4 offense is finally here! Former UCLA assistant coach and offensive coordinator and USC Interim Head Coach Jim Saia takes you through this entire offense that has enabled the Bruins to be one of the top FG shooting percentage teams in the Pac-10 and to reach the NCAA Sweet 16 & Elite 8 five out of six years!

Zone Motion Offense ($17.95)

Never fear zone defenses again! The Single - Double - Triple Post Zone Offense will provide continuity, inside / out post and perimeter touches, screening and zone offense right from your transition - whether you have 1, 2 or 3 post players.

Backdoor Buckets ($17.95)

(25) set plays (ebook) and (9) set plays (video) designed to produce backdoor lay-ups.

Game Time Pregame Warm-ups ($15.95)

From pregame meal to postgame talk, suggestions and ideas on helping your team prepare mentally and physically for battle! Included topics: Pregame Nutrition, (20) Pregame Warm-up Drills, Scouting Reports, Pregame Speechs, Half-time Talks, Hustle Board, Game Stats and Postgame Wrap-up.

Pass Option Offensive System (Version 1 & 2) ($19.95)

This complete offensive system takes you from the defensive rebound to the made basket at the end of your half-court offense. What makes this system unique is that all options on the primary break and subsequent secondary break and half-court offense are all keyed by the particular pass the point guard makes.

The Shooting Machine ($14.95)

Develop Your Post and Perimeter Players with The Shooting Machine. Repetitive and Competitive Team Shooting Drills that Develop Game...* Screens* Cuts* Shots* Skills* Communication * Confidence* and Conditioning. Drills for Skills vs. Man and Zone Defenses. Complete Package - E-BOOK: (40 pages) with all (11) Drills. ONLINE VIDEO: (25 minutes).

Olympic Gold ($17.95)

The World's Best Half Court Sets and OB Plays breaks down 10 different teams from recent Olympic and International Championship Competition. Great offensive ideas from Argentina, Australia, China, Croatia, Greece, Lithuania, New Zealand, Russia, Spain and the USA.

(122) pages, (24) OB Under Plays, (7) Side-Out Plays and (66) Half Court Sets. PLUS - Online website page included to view all of these sets in live game action!! What a great offensive resource!

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Individual Workout: Build A Better Player (FREE BONUS!)

Yours FREE when you order
the complete package for $187.

This summer camp workout offers you a complete plan to develop your kids in- and out of - season. It includes a comprehensive set of drills and tips that develop ball handling, catching, shooting, offensive moves, defensive stance, ATTITUDE and more. The unique workout can be done alone, with a partner, or with an entire camp. Also great for drills before, during and after in-season practice. Included is a the original Microsoft Word workout program so that you save to your computer and then customize this workout for your own school or camp. (24 pages).



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