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Implementing The Dribble Drive Offense ($12.95)

Continues to revolutionize the game! Chapters Include (Intro - Exploring The Pros and Cons; Must Have Training Aids; Alignment and Rules; Specials; Half Court Breakdown Drills; Full Court Breakdown Drills; Notes from the Web).
PDF E-BOOK with 142 Pages!

Triangle Offense ($13.95)

If you enjoyed the spacing, ball movement and post / pinch post scoring options of the Triangle Offense, you will absolutely love my latest book, Simplified Triangle Offense. This proven system has been modified and simplified to be implemented successfully at all levels, from Junior High to the Collegiate Levels. Sections include: Introduction, Basic Continuity / Entry Options, Pressure Releases, Low Post Entry Options, Pinch Post Entry Options, High Post Elbow Entry Options and Practice Implementation / Breakdown Drills. In addition to (6) competitive and repetitive breakdown drills to teach the complete offense, I have also included a 14-day practice plan implementation of the offense. PDF E-BOOK with 56 Pages!

The Point
Zone Defense ($11.95)

Time To Shelve Your Current Zone Defense! Defense made popular by Georgia Tech during their run to the 2004 National Title Game! Unique defensive system that uses both a 2-3 and a 1-3-1 alignment with constant ball pressure. No need to worry anymore how your big man is going to cover the corner. This system keeps him between the ball and basket at all times...where he should be! Chapters include: Alignment and Rules; Covering On and Off-ball Screens; Covering Dribble Penetration; Covering Cutters; Covering the High Post Entry; Rebounding Responsibilities; PLUS Breakdown Drills to Teach The Defense.
PDF E-BOOK with 31 Pages!

Scouting America's Top Basketball Programs LIFETIME Membership  ($47.00)

What set plays are Michigan State running this season? What is Kansas using in their zone offense attack? Your lifetime membership will provide you with these answers and so much more...and for HALF THE PRICE OF ONE COACHING CLINIC!

Access to Over 1,000 Man and Zone Offensive Systems, Sets, OB's and Press Breaks!

HERE'S THE BEST PART! Buy one membership and share the login name and password with each coach in your program. LIFETIME UNLIMITED ACCESS to our "members only" website area.
40 teams and over 1,000 set plays & offensive diagrams.
One-time payment of $47.00!



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